Who are we?

The Jam is a unique live music venue and cultural center founded and operated by members of the Dror Israel Educational Kibbutz in Akko along with community volunteers from Akko and its surroundings.

The Jam is firstly a home for arts and culture.

It serves as a stage for artists getting their start in an open and inviting atmosphere breaking barriers between the artist and the audience, allowing all to participate in the creative process.


The cultural program is diverse and includes concerts, jam session nights, parties, plays, lectures, film screenings and more.  The Jam’s business approach is based on the principle that culture needs to be accessible, frequent and open to all.

The members of The Educational Kibbutz run the Jam as volunteers and are the human resources behind it. The participating public buys tickets at cost which covers the artistic content being presented.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.